Anna and Omega Auto

What do today’s consumers really want from automotive brands? Watch the short video below to learn how consumer expectations for automakers have changed, and how to keep up.

It’s no secret that today’s consumers have high expectations for automotive brands — and Anna is no exception.

Meet Anna. Anna is a fictional customer of an equally fictional auto brand named Omega Auto.
Like most consumers, she expects more than just a great car – she expects a transportation experience. And like most consumers, she prefers to find her own answers. But Omega doesn’t currently provide the experience Anna expects. Let’s take a look from Anna’s perspective…

She’s struggling to pair her new smartphone with her Omega car. First, she goes to Omega Auto’s website to find help with her problem. But her search brings back a lot of results, and none of them really answer her specific question. Next, Anna tries to find an answer using the Omega Auto mobile app on her smartphone. But there aren’t self-service options at all!

So she calls Omega to speak with an agent, but the wait time is so long, she eventually hangs up. Frustrated, she sends an email to the service department and hopes for a quick response.

After Anna has tried all these different channels, and still hasn’t had her problem solved, how do you think she perceives the Omega Auto brand? How would Anna’s customer experience have been improved if Omega Auto used Astute Solutions’ customer engagement software?

This is how the situation would have played out had Omega leveraged Astute’s intelligent software: When she has trouble pairing her phone with her car, Anna goes to Omega’s website, and clicks the question mark to get help. With Astute Solutions, she can type her question in natural language. Astute’s chatbot, driven by artificial intelligence, asks clarifying questions to help find just the answer Anna needs from Omega Auto’s knowledgebase. Instead of hunting through search results, waiting on hold, emailing Support, or opening the dreaded Owner’s Manual, Anna is able to get her problem solved quickly and effortlessly. And she can have the same frictionless experience on Omega’s mobile website, app, or messaging platforms.

Astute’s award-winning bot can digest information from diverse and comprehensive sources, like the owner’s manual, and deliver the specific answer Anna is looking for. If she wants further help from Omega Auto’s customer service team, a single click escalates her to an agent who has all the context of her previous interactions.

The result is higher customer satisfaction, fewer phone calls and emails, and shorter wait times. With smarter customer engagement from Astute, automakers are equipped to deliver on their consumers’ high expectations. Want to know more about how Astute can help? Schedule a personalized demo of our software solutions.

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