Recent times have significantly impacted consumer confidence and sentiment. As the economy reopens, many customers may be reluctant to return to your locations right away. Understanding their needs, expectations, and preferences is key to making informed decisions and offering positive in-store experiences. Astute's Customer Confidence solution points you to these insights so you can deliver exceptional experiences from day 1 of your reopening. Try the Customer Confidence survey or schedule a time to talk to us.

Astute gives you the tools to help your company reopen with certainty.

Drive Key Operational Decisions

Understand when customers plan to return to your locations and what new behaviors have taken hold during the COVID-19 pandemic so you can better plan resources, staffing, and stock.

Continuous Source of Insights

Customer confidence, preferences, and behaviors will continue to change over the coming months. Watch these trends as they evolve and always be prepared.

Quick and Easy Setup

Start collecting targeted feedback right away with our pre-programmed survey, designed to get you data-driven insights to help you reopen confidently.

Interactive and Intuitive Reporting

Leverage a powerful dashboard to compare customer confidence across different regions, and give branch managers access so they can extract insights specific to them. You can also stay on top of key feedback with real-time automated emails.