Overwhelmed by customer emails? Meet EVA.

EVA, the award-winning Email Virtual Assistant, does the heavy lifting on processing customer emails – agents only need to QA and send.

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Email Still Matters. Automation is the Only Way to Scale

Email is Popular.

62% of customers want to communicate with Customer Service via email.

Volume is Growing.

2-3% annual growth in email usage is expected through 2023.

Consumers Want Fast Replies.

40% of customers expect an email reply in just one hour.

Respond to Customer Emails 5X Faster with EVA

Watch this one-minute overview to see how EVA can be a game-changer for your team.

Why You Need EVA Today

  • Automatically creates and codes the case
  • Continues to learn from what your agents do
  • Flexes and scales to your changing needs
  • Outcome-based pricing