Leverage machine learning technology to identify emerging trends, spot issues while it’s still early, and easily share insights organization-wide with tailored open-ended dashboards.

Astute uses AI to help you get the most from your data. Here's how:

Sentiment analysis to help you easily sift through your feedback

Going through all your open-ended feedback can be a daunting task. Astute’s reporting features use natural language processing and sentiment analysis to categorize every single comment based on whether your customers are highlighting problems, giving praise, or providing suggestions. Take full advantage by connecting all your sources of customer feedback, like social media streams and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) transcriptions.

Pinpoint the feedback that matters most to you, quickly

It can be tough to always stay on top of your customers’ feedback, let alone find emerging trends in what your customers are saying. Astute continuously recognizes the most spoken-about topics in your customers’ feedback. Keep tabs on how often an issue is brought up, and the type of customers who are most likely to provide this type of feedback, so you can jump on this issue quickly. Plus, dig deeper and contextualize your feedback using any survey data you are already collecting.

Boost your customer review management efforts

Astute helps you analyze more than just survey feedback. It can also help you grasp what customers are saying about your brand online, and how they compare you to other brands. Leverage our AI-powered features to analyze public feedback, like customer reviews, and extend your understanding of your customer’s experience.

Easily filter and share views with your key stakeholders

Create views that show only the data and open-ended feedback that is most relevant to your business needs. Easily share these filtered insights with other stakeholders so everyone can have visibility on what your customers are talking about

Experts in text analytics

Leverage our team of experts to provide recommendations based on what your customers are saying, and get the most insight out of the voice of your customers from day one.