Find the insights you need to drive marketing campaign performance. This solution from Astute helps you understand customer intent, consideration stage and other characteristics that campaign analytics data alone can't accurately give you. We also help you discover which ads your customers recall, and what encouraged them to go to your website, and evaluate brand perceptions across touchpoints, campaigns, and channels.

Campaign Effectiveness helps you uncover meaningful insights about your marketing campaigns:

The “why” and “who” behind your campaign traffic analytics

CTR, CPA, conversion rates and channel attribution tell you “what” happened. Astute VoC tells you who your customers are, what they’re looking for, and most importantly, why they came to your site through your online and offline campaigns. Measure your campaign performance in terms of intent, demographics, psychographics, consideration stage, relationship to your product or brand, and more.

Customer expectations by channel

Find out if your website content matches visitors’ expectations based on the ads and channels they came through, so you can optimize ad creative and adjust messaging accordingly.

Marketing campaign effectiveness dashboards

We tailor-make dashboards that integrate your customer feedback data and with your digital analytics data. See which online and offline channels and campaigns bring customers with your target profiles. Monitor customer sentiment about your brand and your ads, in real-time.

Expert guidance in campaign effectiveness research

With over 20 years of experience, Astute has helped global brands’ marketing teams measure the impact of their efforts on customer perceptions. We’ll help you create a research plan, deploy surveys and comment cards, and extract insights from your customer feedback.

Audi increased the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

"This program has helped us gain a deeper understanding of our marketing efforts by adding a qualitative dimension to our analytics. "
– Manager, Brand Digital Operations & Innovation, Audi