Keep things positive by identifying dissatisfied customers in real-time enabling you to turn things around before it’s too late — after all, if your customers are unhappy…wouldn’t you want to know? Astute's Closed Loop CX solution increases customer loyalty, improves positive word-of-mouth, protects your brand reputation, and drives immediate recovery actions with smart workflows.

Astute helps you proactively prevent negative CX. Here's how:

Engage customers in real time

Invite customers to share feedback about their most recent experience with your brand, engaging them through email, SMS, live chat, or IVR after a key event in their journey.

Prevent customers from becoming detractors

Automatically create support tickets based on your customers’ survey answers in real time to give your support staff the tools they need to take action quickly.

Create memorable experiences

Add a personal touch to your existing CX efforts with automated SMS or email messages sent at key moments, turning casual customers into loyal brand promoters.

Visualize the customer journey

The dashboard provides an intuitive and interactive way to see where in their journey your customers are most likely to experience speed bumps. We make it easy to track your team’s follow-ups, learn how you can do better, and scale what you’re already doing right.

Continually optimize your CX design

From your front-line staff to your CX professionals, we give everyone in your organization what they need to succeed.