No matter your CX strategy, we have you covered.

Crisis Response Management

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we are helping brands stay ahead through the many phases. Communicate quickly and consistently with customers and employees on all channels during the times of constant change.
  • Crisis Management AI. Provide quick, easy-to-update self-service for anxious customers utilizing expert sources (like the CDC and WHO) and additional brand specific information.
  • Meet EVA, the Email Virtual Assistant. Overloaded with emails? With EVA's help, your Agents will only spend 1 minute reviewing the response instead of up to 5 minutes of reviewing and creating responses.
  • Health Screening Chatbot. With multi-channel options (website, intranet, mobile and SMS), employees and visitors can engage with the chatbot and within 3 minutes have confirmation whether it is safe for them to return to work.

AI-Powered Self-Service

Astute’s award-winning digital service platform helps your customers help themselves – no matter the time, channel, or device.
  • One platform, many channels. Build the core functionality once and use your chatbot across multiple channels.
  • Flexible technology. Innovations like AI and natural language processing (NLP) are constantly evolving. Our flexible platform ensures you can take advantage of the latest innovations.
  • Smarter approach to content. Auto-generated responses from existing content and an easy-to-use authoring tool make knowledgebase maintenance a breeze.

Intuitive Agent Desktop

Let your agents work smarter, not harder. Best-of-breed CXM empowers agents to handle all channels in a single, streamlined interface.
  • The only consumer engagement specialist. No other system supports agents like we do because Astute's platform is rooted in decades of customer care experience.
  • No costly customization required. Generic CRM systems often require extensive (and expensive!) customization to work well for customer care. Not Astute – it’s just what we do.
  • A flexible platform that grows with your business. Adding a new contact channel? Integrating an order management system? Astute’s technology puts you in the driver’s seat.

Compelling Customer Insights

Gather first-party customer data across every interaction for powerful insights you can use to improve CX for everyone.
  • Deep and wide. With the Astute platform collecting first-party customer data across a broad range of interactions, there are always new insights waiting to be discovered.
  • Combine, normalize, and correlate. Find correlations between data points that span brands, products, geographies and more.
  • Plug into your preferred business intelligence tool. Whether you use Tableau, Power BI, or Business Objects, Astute gives you complete control over analysis.

Trusted by the world's most innovative brands to make customer interactions amazing.

"With Astute, we’re better armed to share Voice of Customer insights with our Web Experience team. We’re able to understand and share insights into customer behavior."
– Susan Campbell, Director of Customer Experience, Vera Bradley