Social Media Problems: Justifying Your Social Media Efforts

social media managers managing problems

For the past several years, brands have flocked to reach their customers through social media networks, setting up business pages, pushing out content, working tirelessly to drive engagement. But what is it all for?

A major continuing challenge and one of the most common social media problems faced by the teams responsible for managing a brand’s social media presence is to justify its purpose — what’s the ROI? Business leaders want to know and rightly so.

Subsequently, social media managers have zeroed in on campaign performance. How many likes, shares, retweets, follows, favorites, pins and hearts has your brand generated this month? What are people saying about your brand? Is it positive? Is it negative? While this information is important, alone it doesn’t help us directly impact the bottom line.

As the product manager for Astute’s social media management and monitoring tool, Astute Social, I’ve witnessed an evolving trend of brands struggling to identify those on social media who want to make a purchase from their brand so that they can then reach out and attempt to convert a sale. It is this kind of information directly related to revenue generation that is truly important.

Brands are so focused on social performance, traffic and engagement that some of us may have forgotten why we measure these things. In the end, the reason for a brand being on social media is to keep or create new customers. How do we do that through social media?

Our goal with Astute Social is to help brands do just this, by finding customers at the peak of purchase or churn intent more quickly and accurately than anyone else.

Recently, we introduced a new feature for Astute Social users called Grammar Tree Parsing. With this technology, brands can better understand how many people are looking to purchase from them and how many people are moving away from the brand.

The old way of doing this would be to use direct keyword searches, but these words could be identified at any point in a customer’s decision-making process, leading to a lot of mis-categorization. With Grammar Tree Parsing, brands can now look at specific areas of the sentence, such as the verb phrase looking for intent to purchase keywords. We don’t stop there though. Next, Grammar Tree Parsing clarifies that the consumer is actually talking about your brand by making sure your brand is the subject of the phrase.

This new way of sifting through captured social media posts is one way that brands can start demonstrating the direct impact social media analysis can have on a business’ bottom line.

For more information about Astute Social, we encourage you to contact your Astute Solutions Success Manager or visit this page for more details.