Guidance to prepare workplaces for COVID-19 includes screening employees and customers as a strategy to ensure workplace safety and reduce risk. The CDC has provided key questions to determine if a person has symptoms. Use Astute's Health Screening chatbot on your webpage or SMS as a self-checker and within 3 minutes have confirmation whether it is safe for them to enter your business. Try the bot now or schedule time to talk with us.

Astute supports your company. Here's how:

For Employees and Visitors

Build confidence, reduce risk and ensure you are compliant with established guidelines by  screening EVERYONE who enters your place of business.

Rapid Deployment

Take advantage of a rapid deployment across a broad set of channels, like SMS, webpage, or portal, so you can move fast.

Secure Data

As a SaaS provider, Astute takes security very seriously. Any personal information about your employees or customers will be secure.

Insights and Reporting

Have access to an audit trail of every person screened with easy to get insights that will help you respond if a situation arises.