Post-call surveys have long been used to gather one-to-one customer service feedback after an agent hangs up the phone. But what about all the other ways your customers are interacting with service? Get the whole picture – and sync straight to your CRM – with Interaction Experience.

Astute takes you beyond the traditional post-call survey, empowering you to adapt to customer feedback and improve call center quality. Here's how:

Effortless Setup

Get up and running quickly with our pre-configured feedback survey.  Customers see tailored follow-up questions depending on whether their feedback was positive or negative.

Capture Feedback on Live and Automated Service

Go beyond traditional post-call surveys to capture post-interaction feedback for automated service interactions as well as live agent engagements. Understand how well your customer recovery methods are working across all inbound channels.

Direct Two-Way CRM Integration

Sync interaction feedback directly into the Astute Agent CRM to increase completion rates, allow for comprehensive BI analysis, and give agents real-time feedback on their performance.

Backed by the Experts

Our team of VoC and customer care experts is here to help you launch and analyze your interaction feedback surveys to get more value from the insights.