When agents are engaging with customers, how many different places do they need to look to find answers? With Astute, it’s only one. With a knowledge base integrated directly within the agent desktop, your team can find accurate information on products, policies, and processes without leaving their case workflow. Effective knowledge management means better customer interactions and higher resolution accuracy.

Give agents the instant answers they need to serve customers better. Here’s how:

Embed answers within the case screen

No more binders, no need to have 17 tabs open. Knowledge is directly searchable within the case workflow.

Easily build and maintain content

Versioning and history provide an audit trail to know what information was given to a customer at a specific point in time, as products and policies continue to evolve.

Intelligent authoring

Understand trends in the questions agents are asking (and what questions don’t currently have answers) to inform new content creation or ongoing agent training.

Give guidance and recommended actions

Add more depth and context to articles, providing next steps for agents or additional guidance for tricky cases.

What makes Astute different?

Machine learning to improve answers.

Through natural language processing and topic clustering, Astute Knowledge shows you recommendations for additional knowledge base content to create.

Non-technical authoring for business users.

No need to contact IT every time you need a new article – the system is designed for the everyday user.

Useful for more than just agents.

Share knowledge with additional staff, like store associates, servers, dealers, flight attendants…you name it.

Agent Assist™ Awards

Customers seeing success with Agent Assist™

"Since implementing Agent Assist, 90% of B&G Foods’ consumers say their question was answered thoroughly, the agent was knowledgeable, and they are likely to buy B&G’s products again."