Astute Agent gives your agents everything they need to work cases confidently and efficiently. This modern case management CRM is the preferred choice for Consumer Relations and Customer Care teams who support some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Astute Agent™ balances agent efficiency with customer experience. Here’s how:

Customer profile and history

Show agents relevant customer information, like location, loyalty status, and interaction history, right on the CRM case screen.

In-context guidance

Guide your agents through conversations with consumer history and context-driven recommended actions.

Automated email responses

Using natural language processing, Astute Agent reads incoming customer emails and automatically supplies a response to agents to review and send.

Dynamic layouts

The fields displayed and required can change based on case information

More Astute Agent™ features you'll love:

Omnichannel coverage

Engage with consumers wherever they are – phone, email, web, social, SMS, live chat – without forcing them to switch channels or repeat their story.

Easy escalation

Seamlessly escalate cases from self-service or to other departments, monitoring status in real time while keeping a record of interactions in one central system.

Next best actions

With suggested next actions like case codes, responses, and enclosures, even your newest agents can work cases with confidence.

Built-in knowledge

Astute’s integrated knowledge engine lets agents quickly find answers to any question – without having to leave the case workflow.

Crisis prevention

Detect issues early and reduce the impact of adverse events with threshold reporting, real-time alerts, and the ability to reconfigure case fields on the fly.

Repeater identification

Minimize losses due to fraudulent claims by identifying consumers trying to abuse your goodwill policies.

Consumer data privacy

Simplify compliance with consumer data protection regulations, including managing redactions without losing valuable data points and insights.

First-party data

Collect valuable first-party customer data to generate insights you can’t find anywhere else.

Operational reporting

Quickly understand what’s happening in your contact center with reports on agent productivity, cases by contact channel, top reasons for contact, and more.

What makes Astute different?

The only consumer engagement specialist.

No other CRM is built to support agents during every type of consumer interaction. Astute builds software rooted in decades of customer care experience.

No costly customization required.

Generic CRM systems often require extensive (and expensive!) customization to work well in a customer care environment. Not Astute – it’s just what we do.

A flexible platform that grows with your business.

Want to add a new contact channel? Integrate your order management system? Switch telephony platforms? Astute’s flexible technology puts you in the driver’s seat.

Astute Agent™ Awards

Companies seeing success with Astute Agent™

"With changing times and changing guest needs, we’re glad Astute Solutions helps us maintain our competitive edge in delivering a great guest experience."
– Juan Cortez, Guest Services Manager, Cheesecake Factory